Mental Mantra Bands are more than your average mantra band. These exquisite handcrafted brass bands are hand plated, hand cut, hand polished and hand brushed. They fit most wrists as they are both flexible and adjustable. Each one is handmade with fine solid brass with real 20 kt. brushed gold or silver. These are not your average bangles. Each one comes with a mind training audio by Sasha Carrion. It anchors your mind to the mindset that is behind your “She Believed She Could, So She Did” bangle. This one in particular is focused on cementing in your mind that you BELIEVE in yourself, in every way. Each bangle also comes with an affirmation card that you can hang anywhere where you might regularly see it. Our goal is to not just sell you a really cool piece of jewelry, but to also give you a valuable tool that you can carry with you, in body and mind, everywhere you go!