1 English + 1 Spanish Gold Bracelets + 2 Free Empowering Guided Meditations (In Both Languages)

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$ 80.00 USD

When You Believe in Yourself, Everything Becomes Possible.

Your inspirational Mental Mantras Bracelet is a hand crafted piece. Choose from real 20 kt. brushed gold or rhodium (for silver).

Your bracelet also comes with a Mind Training Audio in an mp3 format by Sasha Carrion.

  • It's gives you empowered mindset that you can count on.
  • It anchors those ways of thinking, feeling and behaving to your bracelet.  That makes it easy for you to experience these on a regular basis
  • You'll be listening to it before you go to bed.  

You Also Get . . . 

Bonus #1: You get a Free affirmation card that you can hang or affix anywhere where you might regularly see it.

Bonus #2: Your 2nd free item is a Tibetan Tree of Life charm that symbolizes your growth and evolution on your terms. Hang it as a necklace or make a bracelet out of it.